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If You Grow Old Enough, You’ll See Your Heroes Die

April 14, 2011


Before I fight, I always pray that no one gets hurt.

Sugar Ray Leonard is one of the greatest boxers to ever lace ’em up. He retired with a 36-25-3 record, and had some of the greatest boxing matches in history with the Detroit bred boxer, Thomas Hearns. Being one of the guys responsible for the box office hit “The Fighter“, this man was a hero to several people, especially boxing enthusiasts, and had influenced many modern boxers today…

However, like many heroes he has died:


I feel like Kobe Bryant on tuesday night, fortunately, I’m too ghost for them to get my money. For the record though, outside of that large purple heart, the suit game is on point.


And if you don’t know, now you know

Jevioso aka The Thunder King

The Golden Age of Vanity

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